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Réseau Printemps: Le Printemps de Bourges and La Fnac revelations
MaMA Event - 48 hours of international professional get-togethers, show cases and debates at Bourges, from Monday 20th April, 1 pm, to Wednesday 22nd April, 1 pm.

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It's finish... Many thanks to everybody!

NEXT Printemps de Bourges: 13-18 April 2010 for the 34th edition.

Until then, you can see the best moments of the 2009 edition by viewing our photo gallery and our
TV Printemps.


True, it is the crisis. But the music is so good! During the six days of the 33rd Printemps de Bourges, let's forget about the CAC 40 and the indicators in the red: we dive into the extraordinary feast of the current musics.

Sociologists and historians will maybe explain us soon why there is so much creativity, so much invention, so much daring and so much freedom in a time so grave. But, for the moment, the music settles down in eight concert halls of Le Printemps: a schedule of about forty shows with hundred of groups and artists, which draws the cartography of the current tendencies. What about the result? Lines move, and even more: they cross each other, fluctuate, intersect, become blurred... Electro music, rock music, the song, folksong, world's musics, all the forms converse and exchange, fit together and cross. But identities remain powerful, as around ten of Japanese groups and artists this Printemps's guests of honour: we are going to be able to compare Japanese metal and French one, Asian cracked things and European ones...