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Création Private Domain

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Thursday, April 23rd - 08:00pm > 09:15pm
La Cathédrale de Bourges stage - 25€

Création Private Domain - © M-P-Y.com

© M-P-Y.com

CREATION Le Printemps de Bourges
IKO invites Marc Collin, Murcof, Para One, Paul et Louise & Rosemary to visit Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Beethovem, Monterverdi…

IKO, artistic direction
Ensemble Private Domain, choir et orchestra
Marc Collin (from Nouvelle Vague), keyboards Murcof, laptop electronica
Para One, laptop electronica
Rosemary Standley (from Moriarty), Singings
Paul & Louise, Singings, guitar and keyboards
Iko, keyboards

After the creation Bach to 2008, introduced during the previous edition, Le Printemps de Bourges repeats a timeless musical experience and off the beaten track with Private Domain in the sacred place of the cathedral of Bourges which crossed the centuries. Revisiting big works of past in the era of the digital technology, the ambition of Iko and his guests is simply to discover in another way Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven or Monteverdi.

Major personality of the experimental electronica, the Mexican Murcof takes brilliantly possession of the girl and the death of Schubert as well as the lamento de la Ninfa of Monteverdi, conferring them an aura at the same time modernistic, dark and spiritual. Para One, new figure of the French electro uses a fragment of the Requiem of Mozart, the allegreto of the seventh symphony of Beethoven or also of t he passion according to St Jean in a more dashing, burning and brilliant inspiration.
As for the producer and the musician Marc Collin, he brings his sense of the pop ornamentation to the Traviata of Verdi or aux Indes galantes of Rameau, in complicity with Paul & Louise. Finally, invited to join this project of Iko, Rosemary of the group Moriarty, comes to enrich this vocal and sound palette which adorns the classics with new colors, all fresh…

A concert "event" for an exceptional musical journey which you will discover during a preview at le Printemps de Bourges.

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MySpace: www.myspace.com/privatedomainofficial

Private Domain will be introduced to the Festival Les Nuits de Fourvière (July 19th,2009) and at the Cité de la Musique in Paris (January 6th, 2010)